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In-Dash HDD Navigation and Multimedia AV Receiver with DVD


The AVIC-Z1 is an all-in-one navigation system that uses a 30GB hard disk drive (HDD), to deliver information, entertainment, and convenience to drivers. The large-capacity HDD stores the entire Tele Atlas database, including nearly 11 million points of interest (POI) in more than 340 categories. The large 7-inch screen shows a high-resolution map with easy-to-recognize icons, and touch-panel operation permits quick access to navigation functions and audio-visual sources. The intelligent system makes driving even easier and safer with the following advanced functions:

Learning Capability
The AVIC-Z1 is the first system that "remembers" frequently traveled roads and uses historical information to help you navigate. The system can suggest which routes will be most familiar to you.

Smart Routing Algorithm
The AVIC-Z1 uses a "smart routing algorithm" to analyze and assess routes by taking into account current road data — such as posted speed limits, number of turns to the destination, etc. — and recommends the most efficient path.

Advanced Voice Recognition with Larger Vocabulary
The AVIC-Z1's advanced voice recognition makes voice command much easier than ever. You can search for destinations by saying a name — like "LAX" — without having to specify a category, such as "airport." Full address searches can be done by saying the city name, street name, and address. The system can also accept multiple commands, such as "go to LAX and display San Francisco." In addition, the system can recognize a larger vocabulary than ever, letting you use alternative words for the same command — such as "go to" or "search," instead of "destination." Voice commands for audio-visual sources and other attachments like Bluetooth wireless technology enabled cellular phones are just as easy.

The Revolution Goes On — the Latest GPS Navigation Systems from Pioneer

In-Dash DVD Multimedia AV Navigation Receiver


Pioneer's AVIC-N3 further improves your driving experience with a multitudeof advanced features. The unit keeps drivers better informed — and entertained — with detailed map information for wider area, intuitive touch panel operation, GUI with improved visibility, and CD and/or DVD playback. Additionally, the system  is ready to deliver detailed traffic information for major cities in conjunction with the XM NavTraffic service and an optional XM Radio tuner.

In-Dash DVD Multimedia AV Navigation Receiver


Pioneer's AVIC-D2 is Pioneer's newest navigation system, designed to be easy to use as well as easy on the eyes.  The large 6.5-inch display panel is easy to read, the touch panel provides intuitive operation, and the layout delivers user-friendly operation by positioning the basic control keys around the screen for easy reach. The unit is designed to fit into many modern vehicles with a "factory-fit" style, melding unobtrusively into the vehicle dashboard. Of course, the AVIC-D2 provides a full media experience with AM/FM radio, CD, MP3 and WMA, and more.  Additionally, the system is ready to deliver detailed traffic information for major cities in conjunction with the XM NavTraffic service and an optional XM Radio tuner.

Available Voice Command
Pioneer has taken conventional voice command operations to a higher level. Not only is it advanced in the sense of recognizing different voices and commands, the AVIC-N3 has moved into new media areas entirely. In addition to using Voice Command to control your navigation system, you can use it to change media sources, radio stations, and even adjust EQ levels. In fact, it seems the only thing your voice recognition system doesn't do is ignore you. To access Voice Command functions, the optional CD-VC1 Voice Command Pack  is required.

Pioneer Navigation Products

It Knows
Pioneer's new Navigation Systems with XM NavTraffic will forever change the in-car experience.  Traffic information, nearly 11 million points of interest, route guidance and simple touch screen operation make the new Pioneer Navigation Systems as easy to use as they are useful.  Want to find out more?  Check out to experience Pioneer Navigation in action and see how it can make a difference for you too.  You can also get the "It Knows" Tour schedule and extras like a Windows Media Player skin. 

Stop Wasting Time Stuck in Traffic
XM NavTraffic™* powered by NAVTEQ Traffic allows Pioneer GPS Navigation Systems to serve as a powerful tool that helps the driver understand traffic conditions and routes the driver to their destination avoiding traffic congestion. The traffic information is provided through a satellite broadcast as XM NavTraffic™, with data which is aggregated by NAVTEQ Traffic from multiple sources — including leading commercial traffic data providers, government departments of transportation, police and emergency services, road sensors, cameras and airborne reports.
* Requires XM radio subscription and XM NavTraffic™ service subscriptions sold separately.

When combined with the GEX-P10XMT XM Digital Satellite Data & Audio Receiver, compatible Pioneer GPS Navigation Systems can receive detailed traffic information as well as XM Radio audio service - this "dual-ensemble" receiver can do it all! 

Traffic on Route Alert and Alternative Route
If there is a traffic jam or slowdown on the route to your destination, the Navigation System can suggest an alternate route found by the unit.  This powerful feature makes navigation dynamic and can save you valuable time nearly every day.

Traffic Flow at a Glance
Where information is available, traffic flow** is overlaid as a blinking line on the navigation map to let the driver know how fast traffic is flowing. Color coding is used for easy visual identification — red for slow or standstill, yellow for stop-and-go or medium traffic, and green for traffic flowing freely. A circle icon on the line indicates the average speed of the area.
** “Traffic flow” information covers only specific areas of cities listed below.

Traffic Incident Data with Icons
Traffic incidents, such as accidents or lane closures are represented as intuitive icons on the navigation map. In addition, affected road sections are indicated (similar to the traffic flow information explained above) to display the severity and length of the incident. Detailed information about each traffic incident is available by selecting the specific incident icon, or by viewing the traffic incidents list from the Info Menu. Two types of incidents are provided:
• “Scheduled” traffic incidents including road constructions, road closures — for sporting events etc. — and others
• “Unscheduled” traffic incidents such as accidents and disabled vehicles
Drivers can even select which incidents to display on the map.

NavTraffic™ Service Availability
The NavTraffic™ service is available in the following 20 cities in 2005, with coverage to be expanded in the future: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco/Oakland, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington D.C.  Coverage maps for each market are available here.
Update!  XM NavTraffic launches additional 2 cities in June, 2005:  Orlando and Tampa Bay, FL.

XM NavTraffic subscription is required and is available only in select markets.  Check for service availability, pricing information, and other details.  The availability of XM NavTraffic data depends on the ability of the antenna to receive a signal.  The signal may be unavailable if obstructed (e.g., by buildings, mountains, trees, bridges, bad weather, etc.).  XM NavTraffic data also may be unavailable or not current if the original data source is not providing data  (e.g., scheduled or unscheduled downtime) or has not been updated itself or if there is a time lag between the time the original data source is updated and when you receive the updated XM NavTraffic data.