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We offer professional installation of full-featured alarms, keyless entry, remote starter systems, real-time GPS locating and tracking, and ignition kill switches.

We also have a complete line of replacement remote controls and transmitters.

Black Widow alarms

Black Widow Alarms

In 2004 a car was stolen every 25 seconds, resulting in a loss to owners and insurance companies of over $8 billion. To minimize risk of theft the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recommends a “layered approach” to protection for automobile owners, citing an audible alarm and starter disable being key parts of this approach.

With the average sticker price of an automobile now over $30,000, cars today have become more than just a means of transportation- they are an investment. And when it comes to protecting that investment, few if any, can match Black Widow's commitment. With their 25-year history and proven track record in vehicle security electronics, Black Widow is the brand you can trust!

Information and statistics excerpted from FBI Uniform Crime Reports 2004 and National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) website.

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K9 Mundial-2
K-9 alarm
Standard features include:
Two 3-button code jumping remotes
Dual zone shock sensor (AU-84TM)
Multi-tone siren (loud or soft chirps)
Status LED, valet switch
Dual flashing indicators output
Negative door lock and unlock output
Remote panic
Starter interrupt relay and socket
ATV protection

Programmable features include:

Current sensing (with 5 sec or 3 min delay)
Confirmation chirps (on or off)
Ignition on/off activates doors lock/unlock
Last door arming
Auto re-arm, 30- or 60-sec. triggered alarm duration
The K9 Mundial-2 (K9MUN2) gives all the important features of a vehicle security system and combines it with a very low price.


We have replacement alarm transmitters in stock for several different models of alarms, including:
Excalibur, Bicron, MAT, Black Widow, Viper, Automate, Karr, Chapman, K-9, Fortress, as well as many others.

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Keyless Entry

We carry basic keyless entry systems which come with 2 remotes and integrate with factory power door locks. No Power Door Locks? We can add after-market door lock actuators for your vehicle as well! Pricing varies with vehicle make and model.